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Bible thought from Psalm 56 by Rev Neill

This verse has been in my mind over the last 24 hours. The scale of the pandemic is now beginning to sink in and we realise that we too can be at risk, and the more we listen to the current news bulletins, our anxiety levels may well be increasing. So it is good to shift the focus of our attention from the pandemic (in saying that I am not suggesting we ignore the advice we are receiving from the Government and the NHS, we need to play our part and do what we can to prevent ourselves and others from being infected). But we must look beyond that and focus on the Lord, who is not disinterested in the situation we find ourselves in. The Psalmist‘s circumstances were of course different, but nevertheless he found himself in great danger and when fear began to rise in his heart, he wisely decided that even in his dangerous circumstances, his focus would not be merely on his circumstances, but on the Lord who had brought him through much already: ‘What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee‘. To trust means ’to lean on, rely on, to place your confidence in'. Trust in the Lord is never misplaced and surely we can trust, rely on, place our confidence in the One ‘who loved us and gave Himself for us‘ (Galatians 2 v 20). Can I add (although I am sure many of you are already doing so) to remember in your prayers all NHS staff, Doctors, Nurses, Ancillary workers and Care Home Staff and those working to keep essential services running.


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