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Banners of Truth and Love

By Rev Victor Neill

‘Thou hast given a banner to them that fear (honour) thee, that it may be displayed (lifted up) because of thy Truth’. (Ps 60 v 4)

The Bible on a number of occasions refers to banners/ensigns (flags). We are of course familiar with banners/flags in this country and many are proud to walk behind such. Banners/ensigns are a visual means of identifying a cause and are a rallying point for those of like mind and who stand together in that cause. The cause that is identified by this banner mentioned in Psalm 60 is The Cause of Truth - ‘that it might be displayed because thy (God’s) truth’.

Truth is vital and none more so than Biblical truth. There are of course truths which can be acknowledged without being obeyed. For example - we can acknowledge that it is true that there are speed restrictions in certain areas - but we may not necessarily obey them! So there is always the danger of acknowledging Biblical truths, but never actually obeying them and implementing them in our lives! If we are to take our stand and identify with the Banner of Truth, we must first of all bow down and yield to the One who is Truth personified - the Lord Jesus (John 14 v 6).

We must first acknowledge the truth that the Lord Jesus knows us as we really are – He sees beyond the exterior and sees our heart ‘for He knew what was in man’ (John 2 v 25b). I like the translation which says ‘for He knew mankind to the core’. Our Lord Jesus knows each of us to the core, He knows us better than know ourselves and there is simply no point in trying to hide things from Him. Instead admit and acknowledge your sin, believing that He died for your sins and yield and surrender to Him. Having done so, do not be afraid to take your stand under the Banner of Truth, identifying yourself with the cause of the Gospel.

We read not only of The Banner of Truth in Scripture but also of The Banner of Love: ‘He brought me to the banqueting house and his banner over me was love’ (Song of Solomon 2 v 4). As with The Banner of Truth, The Banner of Love is never lowered! God’s Banner of Love is always spread over His people in whatever He does or permits in their lives.

‘For the mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed; but my kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall the covenant of my peace be removed, saith the Lord that hath mercy on thee’ (Isaiah 54 v 10)

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